Women in Science and Computing Conference


2019 Conference Organizers

Kees Leune, PhD – Faculty Adviser

Occupation: Faculty member and Information Security Officer at Adelphi University.

Experience: He is the Adelphi faculty adviser for ACM, ACM-W and for the UPE Honors Society.

Fun Fact: Helped established and run a text-based multiplayer internet game since 1993. See hyperborea.net for details.

Lynoska Garcia

Major/Minor: Computer Science Major, Information Security Concentration. Political Science Minor. Levermore Global Scholars.

About: “I like to keep myself busy and to do that I try to get involved in different organizations and by doing so making positive changes around me. I’m the President of the ACM and ACM-W Student Chapters, which are open communities for students and female students, respectively, to partake in the world of Computer Science and all tech-related things. I’m also the treasurer of Black Students United, which is a community that spreads awareness of solidarity around black culture. I am also part of the LGS Student Counsel as a Senior Class Representative in which we strive to connect students with the counsel and create fun/interesting events for all. In terms of work, I am a Junior Information Security Analyst with the InfoSec team in IT, which allows me the opportunity to do work related to what I want to do after college and gain that experience early on.”

Personal Interests: “I like reading (mostly fantasy and historical fiction), gaming, and submerging myself in projects that will keep me entertained.”

Fun Fact: “I have a bunch of labels attached to me but here are some of my favorites: Afro-Latina Pansexual Ravenclaw.”

Victoria Loucks

Major/Minor: Chemistry

About: “I am currently the Vice President for the Adelphi ACM-W Student Chapter as well as the Alpha Alpha Vice President of Finance. I do research in copper-mediated organic synthesis and did a project this summer on nuclear forensics data analysis. I am also the Vice President of the Chemistry Club here at Adelphi.”

Personal Interests: “Bowling, reading, calligraphy”

Fun Fact: “ I’ve played almost all the ‘Legend of Zelda’ games to date.”

Jennefer Maldonado

Major/Minor: Double major in Mathematics and Computer Science (concentration in Foundations of Computer Science) with a minor in Scientific Computing.

About:Hi, my name is Jenn! I am currently the president of the American Mathematical Society Student Chapter here at Adelphi and plan fun social and educational events around math! I spend most of my free time tutoring since I am a tutor at the Learning and Writing Center and a teaching assistant for the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. I am also very active in undergraduate research. I have completed a project here at Adelphi, an REU at the University of Maryland at College Park, and an internship at Brookhaven National Laboratory.”

Personal Interests: “My hobbies and personal interests are fashion and visiting art museums.”

Fun Fact: “I have visited 10/50 states and I hope to visit all 50!”

Victoria Grinthal

Major/Minor: Computer and Management Information Systems major with Computer Science and Graphic Design minors.

About: “Hello everyone, my name is Victoria, and I usually go by Vickie. Besides making the conference logo and helping with its website, I am the Editorials Editor for The Delphian Student Newspaper, which means I edit and assist all editorial pieces. I am also the ACM Student Chapter’s Webmaster, so I make all posters and promotional material. I have been a student worker at Adelphi’s Webteam since 2017, and I have also created posters for the Title IX Department at the school.”

Personal Interests: “I love singing, acting, dancing, writing, art, design, and Broadway shows.”

Fun Fact: “I am a fraternal twin and my eyes are two different colors.”

Fabliha Hossain

Major/Minor: Computer Science major with concentrations in both software engineering and information security. Minor in English.

About: “For the past few years, I have been pretty active on campus. I am the public relations officer of Adelphi ACM Student Chapter, where I’m in control of the social media for the organization. I work at the IT Help Desk on campus as a help desk assistant. I am a teaching assistant for the Math and Computer Science Department. I work for the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships.”

Personal Interests: “Reading and writing fiction stories, singing, traveling and photography.”

Fun Fact: “I’m a Bengali girl who has over 20 cousins from my dad’s side alone.”

Carina Caraballo

Major/Minor: Computer Science, Information Security Track.

About: “My name is Carina Caraballo and I am in charge of bringing HackAdelphi to life, an event which will be a part of the ACM-W’s Women in Science and Computing Conference. As a woman in “a man’s world,” it is my goal to get more women interested in the world of computing to at the very least give it a try. Computer science is a very fulfilling career path that young women may not know is available to them or have been discouraged by the women to men ratio in classrooms. I value education and respect above anything else. Other than computer science, I love mathematics and teaching, which is why when I’m not in class, I’m an Assistant Director at Mathnasium, an enrichment program for kids under 18 years of age.”

Personal Interests: “I am an avid reader who also loves finding out how things work which is how I got into computer science. I started off as a Biology major following a pre-medical track and progressed to Computer Science as I saw computers as puzzles I wanted to solve.”

Fun Fact: “My favorite color is purple, but I don’t own purple clothing.”


For further information, please contact:

Adelphi ACM-W Student Chapter
e – acmw@adelphi.edu